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03/13/2014 17:30:17
Vote for Sebastian River Exterminator in TC Chronicles Favorites at I did!
02/14/2014 07:44:36
Barbara Petrillo, my earrings and necklace drew immeasurable compliments at a black tie event in Orlando last week...They seemed to glow!!! Thank...
09/10/2013 08:16:32
I bought a custom necklace from Barbara Petrillo for my mother-in-law. She wears it almost every day and says everyone tells her how fabulous it is. Thanks Barbara and the Petrillo Collection!
08/25/2013 08:46:16
I recently had to hire David Becker to paint a house for me. His services are without question the best in quality & trust. I recomend him highly.
06/27/2013 05:05:48
Ha Ha Ha...Nancy can make any of us laugh.
06/27/2013 05:05:20
Rosie is the best Avon lady as she even delivers the book when you can't make a meeting. Now that is service
06/27/2013 05:04:44
Lynn's copier service is great
05/26/2013 07:18:53
Barbara Petrillo's custom jewelry designs are a wonderful avenue to help with fundraising needs. Barbara is working on a 3rd wonderful piece for me.
05/21/2013 18:50:31
Craving chocolate/peanut butter ice cream right now...missing Wanda and Paul at Paradise Ice Cream!
05/21/2013 18:47:37
Had our condo lease reviewed by our Florida extra cost! We are in Canada right now...such peace of mind with LegalShield.
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