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Steven Boston

My partner & I got involved with Boresha 4 years ago because we tried the products & loved them. We both got good results & have maintained those results since 2010 simply drinking coffee, tea & lemonade. My health & energy level is very important to me & I enjoy working with people so what better way to make some extra money than by helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle. As we say "drink, shrink, share & earn". I have been living in Port St Lucie since 2004, before that I spent 3 years in Delray Beach & West Palm. I am originally from England & moved to Florida in 2001.

I am proud & pleased to be able to offer Boresha products that people can use as "tools" in their daily life to HELP & not hinder one to a HEALTHY more vibrant lifestyle. 

7-to-7 Lifestyle & Nutritional Plan 

Diabetes & Obesity has increased out of control. Boresha have offer a product line that can help address these issues in a very simple way. Products that people can use as "tools" in their daily life to HELP & not hinder one to a HEALTHY lifestyle.

Steven Boston

Cell 772 924 7252



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Cac Stiner

I am Cac, The Lice Queen. I moved here 12 years ago from Memphis, TN with my husband and daughter. I live on the water and absolutely LOVE the Florida lifestyle.

Fast forward to this year…my daughter came home from college, bringing with her head lice. I then got it from her. We very unsuccessfully tried getting rid of it and could not. I finally went to a treatment facility down south who handled it in one sitting. During that time, I spoke to parents everywhere who, like me, were desperate and had no where to turn. After much research, I took matters into my own hands and opened The Lice Boutique, the Treasure Coast's first and only head lice removal facility, located in Port St. Lucie. We use only nontoxic, all-natural products and get it done right in one sitting. That way, children are back in school, parents back to work, and peace is restored to the household…all in one day!  I am passionate about this, as head lice is one of the #1 reasons for school absences in the nation, as well as one of the top reasons for school bullying. I am here to change that!!!

You may not need me today, but you may someday! Don't throw my information away! And remember, THERE'S NO LICE IN PARADISE!!!

Have a Lice-Free day!!!     949-735-1060