10 Best Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers 2020

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Making money from a blog is the ultimate goal for almost every blogger. And Google Adsense is the best way to monetize a blog.

If you are running a Blog, Forum or free online tools website Google Adsense is the best way to monetize.

But it is not easy creating a Adsense account and get approved for a new blogger in 2020, because of change in the Google Adsense policies. And the problems occur when the Adsense account banned.

Many of the bloggers quit blogging after getting rejection by Google Adsense. Here come the solutions to use Adsense alternatives.

It is not necessary that the Google Adsense alternatives are always better than Google Adsense. But depending upon your website traffic you can generate a decent amount of money.

So, here in this article, I am going to share 10 best Adsense alternatives for bloggers in India that may help you generating money form your blog.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives for Bloggers

Before choosing an alternative of Google Adsense do a research what kind of traffic you are getting on your blog. It will definitely help you to choose best Adsense alternative platforms.



Media.net is my one of the most favorite Adsense alternative platforms for its insane ad types.It is the best Google Adsense alternatives to bloggers in India.

Media.net is a contextual ad network. It provides high CPC advertisement. If you own a quality blog you can get instant approval. Depending on your blog traffic you can make a good amount of money similar to Google Adsense.

Just register here and submit your blog, after getting approval to create an ad and start showing an ad on your website.

media.net adsense alternatives

Here you can monetize your other blogs without no effort. And best part is you can choose different ad units for desktop view or mobile view of your blog.

The payment method they use is Payoneer. Create a Payoneer account and just verify your account with media.net.

Here is the income report of Media.net of stream-seo

media.net earnings

Join Media.net here–>



Skimlinks mainly automates your affiliate links.  It automatically converts all the outbound links into affiliate links, thus whenever a sale occurs you can make money from the Skimlinks links.

Because they don’t pay for clicks, they pay for only affiliate sales.

Here in this network you will get over 60000 publishers worldwide, 48500 merchants and the average sales of this platform is $2.5m everyday.

If you are running an e-commerce website this is the best platform you should join.

Here is the income report of Skimlinks of fatstacksblog

skinlinks earnings

Join Skimlinks here–>



Adversal is another most popular ad network alternative to adsense for wordpress, that you can join. It offers service like Media.net.

Some conditions you have to match to get approval of this network.

  1. You should have your own domain means, no sub-domain are allowed here.
  2. You should have at least 50k pageviews.
  3. No malware or pirated content are allowed on the blog.
  4. No adult content on the blog.

If your blog meets all the conditions you are ready to apply on Adversal. Generally it takes 3-4 days to get approved.

The minimum payout of this platform is $20 and you will get paid after 35 days. Payment method they use is Paypal, Wire transfer and ACH.

Here is the income report of Adversal of seogura

adversal earnings

Join Adversal here–>

Propeller Ads

propeller ads

The next in our category is Propeller Ads network. It is the ideal adsense alternative for websites like all high and low traffic blogs. I liked most is their automation and technology on the ads.

They offer 4 types of ads, Push notification, On-click ads, Native ads and Native interstitial ads.

You can optimize your ads for desktop, mobile and also video.

This is self-serve ad platform. Minimum payout is $25.

Here is the income report of Propeller Ads of bloggersideas

propeller ads earnings

Join Propeller Ads here–>



Adsterra is a popular advertising company and growing adsense alternative 2020. They provide best advertising options for both publisher and advertiser.

It has over 10 billion impressions per month. It is a well decorated and user-friendly website. If you have blog and your blog is well decorated and no sexual content is there you can easily get approval to show advertisement on your blog.

Here you will get almost all types of advertisement like banners, popunders, pre-roll video, push notifications for desktop and mobile.

Here is the income report of Adsterra of monetizepros

Adsterra earnings

Join Adsterra here–>



RevenueHits also a very good adsense alternative for low traffic blogs. Here you can easily get the approval.

They have over 20,000 publisher all over the world. They will help you show most relevant advertisement for your blog. Their technology can boost your earnings too.

They have all types of advertisements like Banners, pop-ads, button, footer, shadow box, slider, top banner, dialogue, and interstitial ads.

Here is the earning report of RevenueHits of stream-seo

revenueHits earnings

Join RevenueHits here–>


adsense alternatives

Bidvertiser is a direct advertising network and best adsense alternative for blogspot blogs and wordpress blogs.

It is totally a self-serve platform where can get quality, transparency, targeting and optimization.

Here you will get ads like, native ads, push notification, direct navigation, pop under and XML type.

Here is the income report of Bidvertiser of redworldweb24

Bidvertiser earnings

Join Bidvertiser here–>



Adrecover is another adsense alternative monetization website that helps you to start earning with your blog.

The main key features of this ad platform is they serve ads to those users, who use an adbloker on their browser.

Just sign up and submit your blog and you are ready to go.

Here is the income report of Adrecover of skinnyms

adsense alternatives

Join Adrecover here–>

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

amazon native shopping ads

If you are running an amazon affiliate website, this will be the best advertising platform after adsense. And it is a part of amazon associates.

They offer highly relevant recommendation in a responsive ad units that boost your earnings up to 4x.

They provide relative recommendations ads, flexible placement options, responsive and easy to implement ad formats.

Here is the income report of Amazon Native of financeindex

amazon native ads earnings

Join Amazon Native Ads here–>



AdClickMedia is an adsense alternative ad network that offers CPM and PPC publication for advertisers and site owners around the world.

It brags more than 6,200 distributors, 113 email list accomplices and 110 million month to month traffic, so you can profit by a wide traffic.

There are no base traffic prerequisites, making it an incredible adsense alternative for new blogs with lower traffic.

Here is the income report of AdClickMedia of webmaster-and-advertising

adclickmedia earnings

Join AdClickMedia here–>


What is the best alternative to adsense?

It is very difficult to say what is best for your website because ad revenue depends on your website traffic and geographical location. In the European countries the CPM/CPC rate is higher than the south-Asian countries. There are a lot of advertisers, among them the above listed advertisers are the best.

How do I monetize without adsense?

The above list will help you find the alternative ways to monetize your website. Beside this if you have a good traffic strength you can sell shout-outs or can sell your websites space to advertise others blog or can do promotions and affiliate marketing.

Which ad networks pays the most?

Almost all ad networks pays the same. And the payment is depended upon the CPC/CPM rate. Though as per research, we found that Google adsense pays a slight higher than others.

Can I use other ads with adsense?

Yes, you can use other networks advertisement on your blog to maximize your earnings.

Which is best adsense alternatives without approval?

Without approval no ad networks allows you to show their ads on your website. But the above listed ad networks allows you to show ads for new or old and high and low traffic websites. The approval rate on this platform is much higher than Google adsense.

How much does Media net pay per click?

Normally Media.net pays $5 per 1000 impressions. Lets assume, you have run 3 ads per page and you have 350 page views daily, that is about 1000 impression per day.


Though Adsense is the best way to monetize your blog or website there plenty of alternatives available by which you can generate a handsome amount of money per month. The above list will help you to find the best Adsense alternative platforms for your blog.

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